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Is National Genius search Foundation a Government body?

National Genius Search Foundation is an autonomous society registered under the Govt. of India.

Where can I get preparatory study materials for the NGSE?

National Genius Search Foundation recommends NCERT textbooks or text books of any curriculum that extensively covers the topics given in the NGSE syllabus. Students can freely download sample question items of respective classes from downloads section of the website:

Parents seeking study materials for NGSE should realize that conceptual clarity is the key for success in NGSE. It cannot be built in day or in a week. It requires consistent practice and tactful multitasking approach. If students wish to enhance their skill sets using a long term approach, SMARTEST™ (Scholastic Measurement Analysis & Recognition Test) of the respective classes are advised. We do not recommend any short-term readymade question sets for this purpose.

Note: SMARTEST™ is not a mandatory requirement for NGSE preparation. It is recommended only as a long term tool to develop conceptual clarity. It is one of the effective tools that help students towards acquiring the skill sets that NGSE demands.

Where can I get sample questions of NGSE?

Sample questions will be posted under the downloads section of this website:
NGSF would like to clarify that the NGSE questions do not follow a fixed structure or pattern, though it confines to syllabi of the respective classes. It is not necessary that the actual questions of NGSE shall stick to the pattern given under previous papers.

What is the minimum number of students required to register for NGSE to get a center in our school?

Participating School will be the host for NGSE Mains subject to a minimum of 100 students from the school. In an unlikely event of a school having less than 100 participants, the nearest center may be allocated by National Genius Search Foundation. However, relatively new schools can get their school as a center even if the number of participants are less than 100, provided they take prior permission.

Can I register my child register directly (not though school) for the NGSE? Where she / he can get the center allotted?

From AY 2013-14 onwards direct individual registrations are not allowed due to logistic constraints. Parents / Students are requested to persuade their schools to participate.